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The alchemy/truth
The brain/skull
The organs/organized
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The alchemy/truth
The brain/skull
The organs/organized
The spheres/union
The crown/work
The reason/life
The time/now

I AM translating languages unspoken 
I AM deciphering codes and cracking them open
I AM producing the burdens of proof
I AM touching on the Matrix lines and putting them at ease 
I AM a Medicine Carrier of the most ancient and advanced protocols in and of Super Human healing 
I AM at (what would be called) the threshold of insanity and I am not knocking
I carry the keys
I AM with a solutions, coming to truth 
I AM SEEing to it that the Earth has a Re-Birth aka GENESIS now
I AM not ONE that seeks an approval 
I AM the ONE with Eagle Vision flying on the wings of passion 
I AM the ONE with the vivid imagination and I live and love by it

Sohanna .. .. ..

Laurel Lyons © and of course some good old fashioned (K) also

This page is in progress, constantly in progress while I work on how to share the information that I have been given, as it is given. To share of my guidance since 2001, that started really connecting in 2006, and then combined in full force in 2010 is a lot to share to begin with. As of now, this goodness continues on without any shortage of its own beauty.

This healing source is been released to us for healing beyond healing, for healing to the place of purification. These ways are available as sessions and activation's and I am working on the protocol for attunements, activation's and teachings of these ways. I am in full gratitude to the Creator Source for trusting me with this experience.

The attempt to find words to describe the practices and protocol that has come to me through education/learning, practicing while in practice, visions/dreams, wisdom transfers, teaching, "other ways" and more the breakdown is massive. I have entire journals that document some of it and these ways are not easy to express and explain. I have come to see that if I don't find a way, we can't go the way. The getting in and doing the work is the easiest part of it all for as complex as it is.

"Our sacred memory is important, our empowerment and courage to make memories is too."

I've had moments of pure insanity. I am now living in the insane purity of it all. I've been shown some of the finest details of the human energy system, going well inside of the energy body to the fine details of the chakras to the far and wide expanses of the aura; "the luminous energy field". I've been guided into understanding of ports of the chakras that connect to gaskets that link to a vital life cord that connect to the heavens above and the earth below.

The ports can and should be cleaned and cleared, this helps their essence expand, their vibration strengthen and the energetic vitality of each individual and all collective chakras simply work better. The gaskets need to be replaced at times.The vital life cord needs to have the knots, frays and snarls untangled and rerouted on a regular basis.

I've been shown how energy healing can clean and clear chemistry stores in the human body; the entire anatomy, all parts of the anatomy, including the brain. The onset of the chemistry overloads often begin before conception, continue on into the womb and come into this lifetime with us. Energy clearing can help release these chemicals and toxicity that we collect and ease the suffering from imbalance.

I've been shown the details of energy ports that are located in and around the entire human body and energy field. These energy ports can be connected to with touch and healing energy, when held accordingly to revitalizes and regenerate our breathing requirements, our circulatory system, the central nervous system, the cerebral spinal system, the human energy system, the brain (of course) and more.

When these ports are worked around the cranium, face, neck, shoulders and chest repetitive, unresolved thoughts and actions can clear.  Clarity can be gained. The mind can be stabilized and reorganized more functionally. It is your choice. It is your agreement, this is within your birth right. All human have the ability to reorganize more functionally at any given time. Now is that good time.

There is so much more.

Call if you would like to know more about this journey of self healing. It's an "E" ticket ride for sure.

Sohanna .. .. ..

        Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
           Kria Sohanna .. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
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     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "

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