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          .. .. .. A Violet Fig .. .. ..
              certain with its own
                     . energy .
                   . guidance .
                  . intelligence .
                      . truth .


         remember that we are a
          "Mah & Pup" company
               (not too big yet)
                     .. .. ..

            for now the abSOULute
                best of alchemy
              is shared with you
         in recycled jars and bottle
         when ethical to the product
            with hand written labels
          we go the good old ways
               with brown paper
           to package our goods

                Sohanna .. .. ..

A Violet Fig ~ Alchemy

Aromatherapy ~ I've been fortunate to work and study with some of the worlds finest teachers since the late '90's. Blessed with many hours of "wonderment" with the great John Steele within "The Tao of Scent, Fragrance, Odor & Aroma" and "The Shamanic Way of Oils". Shamanic Plant Wisdom Transfer (2010 Chumash Elder) - to work with plant energy healing without disturbing the plant. I am also a Star Essence Certified Practitioner - Flower Essences, the only one in the state or Arizona. Please see link below and thank you.

I do not work with, nor do I partake of "psychoactive plant medicines". I simply don't desire or required them in this life time.

I love the alchemy ways. When I am called to them they are always in reach. They always will be of my high respect and loving regard. I utilize them for my personal use and that which serves my family, tribe and clients for assistance with healing and restoration of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. When the guidance is clear plant medicine healing will be shared.

"A Violet Fig" is also available for "Custom Alchemy Sessions". I'll will work with you on multiple levels of healing and together we will design a clear protocol to step you into your role as your own healer. This is all done to create deepened and greater sensory ways for you to heal.

Sohanna .. .. ..

Star Essence.com Laurel Lyons Certified Star Essence Practitioner

"a short story for now"

Some of my greatest pleasures come from the time spent at my alchemy altar. Whenever I am called to the alchemy - apothecary altar and I am connected to a jar of wild harvested silver leaf or angel leaf sage or cardamom seed,  valerian oil or the dragons blood powder it is a guarantee that I am inspired. When I am called to add a portion of sandalwood bark or frankincense resin, 8 drops of rose or 6 drops of spikenard, it always turns into something "interesting" and more often than not something wonderful.

I've been reminded of the days when I was a little/little girl, playing in my play house and pretending (but maybe not, with what I now know of time lines and dimensional travel) that I was making magic potions and miracle remedies. Those magic potions and miracle remedies were to assist others, usually animals, often dragons, ultra-beings and creatures of the spirit realm.  Now days the pinch of this (there is always salt in close reach), the "touch" of that, a stir and a whisk and POOF it's really happening! I am able to handle something tangible that soothes and heals, delights and feels fantastic and more often than not it smells good too.

FYI .. .. .. I am a serious collector when it comes to antique and vintage Ball - Mason Jars of all sizes, shapes and colors. I love to recycle all that I am able to and I favor companies that offer their products in bottle and jars that the labels comes off of easily for reuse.

I do wish that we would all stop consuming the way that we do and I also wish that we would all recycle responsibly. There is only one Earth and so far Earth is the only planet that wasteful human can survive on.

        Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
              Sohanna .. .. .. a SOUL that appreciates Laurel Lyons
        The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "

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