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The h.OM.e

So many bright and beautiful Earth Beings are experiencing so much funkiness these days. This is due to the funkiness these days.

I'm one that continually receives blessings, insights and ways to soothe myself and others. As most of you know I re-SEE-ve a lot of goodness in my dream work. Last night ( my dream work gave me focus of sharing today the ways that I work with environments: individual *core . interior* all the way to collective *surroundings . external*.

If you desire greater comforts and feel that I may help you find greater comfort, please contact me and we may simply talk a bit and feel if there is a way for me to benefit you. This way is easily shared in ONE with ONE (I've loaded my car and arrived on sites) and from a distance, short or long (phone).

I've worked with this Beauty Way all over the world, often while sitting in my super comfortable counsel chamber, I am able to bi-locate (it's super groovy to bi-locate, especially accurately). I am also available to show up in "Flesh & Bone" to provide this loving service also.

Thank you.

Sohanna .. .. ..

FYI - in addition to all of the sacred awakening, grand alignment intertwining of Earth and Sky and all that magic goodness, I also have an extensive (professional) background of many trades that blend into my ability with "The Home" work. Oh the list is way too long to post here, there or anywhere for that matter.


Sohanna is now sharing the sacred ways of lei line - earth grid stone work and placement of intention set into medicine wheels in the exterior settings of hOMes. Pictures of these medicine wheels are inappropriate to share in this way, as each medicine wheel is a healing beings sacred medicine. Even as it is 2016, I still stand true with traditional medicine ways.

Thank you.