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Non-violence bring no harm to yourself or others
Truthfulness be true to your word, and let your word be true 
Integrity do not steal, not even a glance; walk your talk 
Moderation use wisely the life force within you 
Generosity give more than you take, nothing in the world belongs to you

These five principles of The Munay-Ki are an integral part of walking "The Beauty Way", so important a part of The Beauty way, that they are meant to be sincerely focused on and deeply worked with.  The 5 principles are generally very quickly bypassed in the ways that The Nine Rites of The Munay-Ki" are passed overall. Mentor & Rite Giver of The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki ~ Munay - (language) Quechua: I love you. Ki - Energy.

I am also one that's been gifted with The Nusta Blessing - The Nusta or The Divine Feminine, the essence of The Great Mother, this medicine journey is a very intimate journey that leads a recipient to the opportunity to walk with much less of ones own shadow cast around them. I am one that is trusted to offer this blessing to those that Creator source want them to receive.

Know that you should be very comfortable and feel that you are well supported while going any of the sacred ways. I do not offer The 9 Rites of The Munay-Ki. I do offer the teachings of The Five Principles of The Beauty Way at any time by advanced scheduling.

"The Five Principles" are to be transmitted with respect while promoting the soon to be expanded human to their greater potential for profound growth and healing. As a channel of this medicine, I know that Great Spirit is the Source of the Munay-LOVE. The ways of "The Five Principles" has come to the forefront for me after many rites given as a mentor. I feel that the principles are the most important aspect of these ways. It's about integrity.

or Hunab Ku was to the Mayans the ultimate creator. Hunab Ku represents a gateway to other galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the consciousness that has ever existed. According to the Mayans, Hunab Ku is the consciousness that organized all matter from the stars, the planets, our solar systems and even a human. Hunab Ku is also called the "Mother Womb" holding the Nusta Blessings of the Divine Heart, which is constantly giving birth. It is said that the ultimate Creator directs everything from the center of this Sacred Mariposa through the ultimate, limitless essence of pure consciousness. The Sacred Mariposa is the unfailing feminine life force.

My mentor of "The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki" was first lineage, to travel to the Andes to received the rites from the Luis Alejandro, a very revered Shaman of the Andes. She was part of the the first group to receive the human to human transmission of the 9th Rite "The Creators Rite" during that trip. The 9th Rite has a very special story. To this day I am her only active mentor, the only rite giver to receive the rites from her. I am very proud to be so blessed. It is a deep honor.

I received "The Nusta Blessings" from another first lineage mentor, she received the Nusta Blessing from Dona Alejandro, a matriarch Shaman of the Andes and Luis Alejandro's wife. The Nusta - the Divine Feminine of all that is, the essence of The Earth Mother - The Womb of all Life.  The Nusta Blessings may only be given by females, but may be given to all. I am honored to have received the Nusta Blessings and I am grateful to share it accordingly as Great Spirit calls that I do. The Nusta Blessings is not a 10th Rite.

It is my calling, it is my way to adhere to the Sacred Ways with as much reverence as possible, when we are acting on behalf of the origins of the Sacred Ways we must know that we know what is wanted of us. I share the teachings of the Munay-Ki in small intimate groups only. I only offer the teachings of the Munay-Ki during the season of Autumn. The teachings of 2016 are in progress and full. I will be offering the rites again in 2017. Thank you.