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Circles have held humans together since the beginning of time. A circle represents unity to host the sharing of common interests.  These interests are focused on particular beliefs and practices. To gather in a circle is to offer up the best of who you are and to lovingly share your best with others. Every thing that nature does, it does in a circle. To offer reverence to the circles and nature cycles is to flow will the All That Is.

I love to gather circles together. Creator has the way with all of this, the way is The Beauty Way of The Great Mystery.

Ceremony may be created of the simplest to the greatest of things, all that falls in between may be ceremony too.  Gratitude creates a union of our Higher Power and our Higher Self. When a ceremony comes our way, whether we are alone or with others it helps to open the heart. It is good to be in ceremony, it allows our Souls to grow. It is good to hold ceremony each day, at least once a day simply because it is good practice for living.

Sohanna .. .. ..


RITES OF PASSAGE ~ Because we all have rites .. .. .. 

Bless the Babes ~ a sweet welcome for the courageous new comers and to place all care givers  in alignment with the young one. We want to show them dignity and reverence, abundant love and comfort.  The young ones are the fully embodied wise ones, knowing what they need to know at the time of birth.  The birth process and the welcoming, details for the babes how much they will remember and how they will be supported for who they are meant to be.  This ceremony welcomes the babes with open arms and open hearts, while letting them know that they are wanted just the way that they arrive.

Burning Bowl Ceremony ~ surrender in a pause in time within the sacred circle of north, east, south and west. Be held between the worlds of Mother Earth and Father Sky while balanced in the great nature of your own masculine and feminine. This ceremony takes place during a pause in what we call time so that we may clearly see changes in our lives and see how we are living. There we establish an empowered way to live with ourselves and then with others. The ceremony creates ways to change, to lovingly allow what is becoming the past to be the past. It connects us to a vital awareness of what is truly important, as we go forward into a new day and a new way.

Shamanic Death Walking ... Dying Consciously ~ The Birth Into The Spirit World - I've faced my own death light a few times - "Out of Body" or "Near Death" experiences. I've come back from what I call a "Clear Death" experience in January of 2013. I've held and released many to their rebirth into the Spirit World. I've supported the ones left to grieve their loss of a loved one. Honoring, witnessing and supporting the release of a beloved from their Earth Walk, is to find peace in the last breath, is to be secure in the beloveds last heart beat. This allows the departing one a sweeter journey into the Spirit Realm, for "The Souls Great Journey". Death is rebirth, the rebirth of the Spirit Body into the Spirit World.  There is a majestic nature to death that the western world has lost the grace of accepting.  By letting go, we allow for deep unconditional love to grow and to go with our loved one, we lovingly and consciously allow a beloved to separate from us and go to the light.

Dying Consciously Practitioner & Counselor ~ I am a "Shamanic Death Walker" with significant experiences of being a ONE that is near when many have ended their Earth Walk. Because of this, I realized that it was strangely natural for me to prepare myself fairly and fully for all that trust me to be there for them at the time of their Beauty Way Journey. I received the teachings and certification of the ways of Dying Consciously through The Institute for Energy Medicine in 2008.

First Moon - Honor The Female Child - before she grows tender and full of wild. Honoring the female children when they grow and begin to go is a radical concept in western "pink man" society. I have spoken to many men, woman and children about this and it amazes me to find how many men and women find this ceremony to be strange.  When women find it strange I encourage them to create a First Moon Ceremony for themselves as soon as possible. When I speak with young females about their ceremony, while we are co-creating their special moment in time it delights me to see how wonderful they begin to feel about themselves.  When we honor our children with ways of the sacred, they grow to honor the ways of nature. This kind of respect creates a vital sense of self, of hope and of strength in young females.

Sacred Union of Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul ~ Commitment Ceremony
(a.k.a marriage) Bonding in Love -  Woman to Man, Woman to Woman, Man to Man. I'm available to support all possibilities of Sacred Union that have the intention and purpose to support love and goodness shared. I don't take this ceremony lightly, I don't just show up to see the look of love in your eyes on the day "planned", make sure that you have two witnesses, something old, new, borrowed and something blue.  We work together before the ceremony. If you are going to love so much that you are going to commit to each other, you should know more about each other in a sacred way.  We work together so that the two of you approach the commitment in a greater faith of each other and to be united as two at the heart.

Ordained Minister ~ Certificate of Ministry