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Present – Now, you are the gift with purpose
- the experience within living your greatness
Progression – moving towards fulfillment of destiny

"Present Life Progression" is currently being designed for a workshop platform that will be offered at Spring Equinox of 20.18.

In 20.13 this way was assigned to me and I have been aligning with it. I have worked with people from all around the world, coming from very diverse lives and experiences. In May of 20.16 these sessions were shared with 5 amazing people, this offer was made so that all walks of people could come to the ways and gain goodness.  During these sessions I established a very deep study of the ways of the “Present Life Progression” sessions and I was deeply humbled and grateful for the results of the study.

The Creator Counsel guided this all so well, and during the time of these sessions the great core essence of these sessions was fully revealed and the total works of the counsel set into session five in such a way, it is miraculous. Session five sets a sense of the Divine into the recipient and that is that, the recipient is filled with comprehension, integrative compassionate, the way becomes clear.

I am happy to offer a complimentary 15 minute mutual interview (consultation) to anyone that is interested in the "Present Life Progression" sessions.  Call me at 805.760.8399 to set this up.

These sessions are direct intuitive depth counsel, set at interactive, mutually inspired but clearly guided, healing and teaching ways with: 

The Foundation - Session #1
Purpose a.k.a. Your Calling

What is your purpose?
What is your block?

What do you want in your life, what do you really want for your vital living experience? What is it that you know you are called to or designed for? What is holding you back? We'll find out what you want but more than that we'll find from your highest self what wants you.

The Emotional - Session #2
Emotional – Feeling Being

What is your block?                
Resolution & healing for release

What emotions do you hold so closely that you hold them even while they may be painful to you? Why do you hold on to these memories? What emotional healing is required to get you in the present moment? We'll open to that so that you trust your place in your present living experience.

The Mental - Session #3
Mental – Thinking Being
What is your block?
Patterning & healing for release

What mental patterns and programming do you busy yourself with or stall yourself with that need to be recognized and changed? What does the highest mind offer you to take the place of the lowest mind? We'll advance you to greater brilliance and intellect. 

The Physical - Session #4
Physical – Acting Being
What is your block?
Revitalization & healing for release

What physical frailties are taking the best of you? Why are you continually exhausted and restless at the same time? We're not talking a "fitness program" here. This is about gaining restoration so that you may become empowered to support inspiration and transformation.

The Spiritual -  Session #5
Spirit – Highest Being
What was your block?
The review of emotional, mental, physical                
Divine Support – healing and true availability

What spiritual practices and actions-non-actions are already a part of you? What pulls on you or pushes on you to succeed at the heart and compassion levels? You are Spirit and allowing yourself to be Spirit is the channel so that you may go forward as a much higher self.

The Unity - Session #6
Unity - the advancement of integration

This session offers a tender and compassionate assessment of the entire process for "Present Life Progression". For you, for here and for now as you set out into the greater REALm of true, truthful living.

Please contact me directly at 805.760.8399 to inquire for more information and certainly if you desire some "Present Life Progression".

In each and every breath that you take there are possibilities for the great changes that you want to make, the good - not so good that you will make or break, is all decided on by you. There are many ways to self-fulfillment and greater self-awareness. One of the ways that Sohanna guides clients into this is by way of the "Present Life Progression" sessions.

Many of us have heard of Past Life Regression sessions. The "Present Life Progression" sessions are set to the truth of the present times, for this life that we are living now, offering clear progression forward, for the highest good of empowerment.

"Procrastination is an action-non-action that is a self-manipulative rejection of your highest self."

Sohanna .. .. .. 


I am pleased to share with my Beloved that .. .. .. all is well for me as it has been an 4:44, 5:55 and 11:11 am, and so far a 2:22 and 4:44 pm kind of day. (

And now for this announcement on ~*~ I am so proud of the "Present Life Progression" sessions package that I've created a single session mini version.

The mini version (approximately 3 hours) goes like this:

The Foundation - Purpose a.k.a. “The Calling”
What is your purpose? We'll find out but more than that we'll find out what your highest self wants.

The Emotional – Addressing the “Feeling Being”
What are your emotional blocks? We'll find out what your highest self-resolution is and we will create clear ways to healing your emotions for release and freedom.

The Mental – Addressing the “Thinking Being” 
What are your thinking ways that supports confusion and sabotage? We’ll find out what your highest solutions are and we will create clear ways to greater mental freedom and set in new methods your advancement ahead.

The Physical – Addressing the “Acting Being”
What are your actions that create fatigue and lack of “strength to carry on”? We’re not talking a “fitness program” here. This is about reorganization and restoration of the physical body so that you may become empowered to support inspiration and transformation.

The Spiritual - Addressing the “Light Being” the “Spirit – Higher Self Being”
What are your practices and rituals for clarity and personal guidance for connection to your individual higher self and higher realms? We’ll find out what your spiritual nature is or may be designed to be and we will create practices for to support you on your great Earth journey.

The Unity – This is about putting it all together for integration. This is a very tender and compassionate assessment of the entire being to prepare you for "Present Life Progression", as you set out into your new reality of greater awareness as your highest self.

Oh, I'm so happy to set this post. 

Please contact me in a phone call and remember that I don't text. I can be reached at 805.760.8399.

Sohanna .. .. ..

Testimonials from clients that have completed the "Present Life Progressions" sessions

"Sohanna (Laurel Lyons) is a force of nature. She not only inspires but she has truly helped me in my personal life and business. I have a deep respect for her. When she speaks, I deeply listen to the powerful words and wisdom she shares. Sohanna uses her journey, guides and intuition to uniquely share her gifts with the world and I cannot think of a more trust-able person to recommend to others who want to revitalize their life." -

Renee Heigel - Birmingham, MI
Integrative Nutrition, Certified Life Coach

I met Sohanna at the Lucid Dreaming workshop at Lucidity Festival in April of 2016. I immediately felt a connection with her and experienced great change in myself in the week we spent together. After the workshop, I signed up for her Present Life Progression Sessions. I recently finished the program and I am delighted with the results. Her incredible intuition, compassion, and understanding of the human spiritual path, helped me understand where I was in my own unique spiritual growth. I have learned so much about myself and I feel that I am finally standing on solid ground. I am a successful entrepreneur but sometimes felt lost in my spiritual path. Sohanna's guidance has empowered me exponentially and now I've become more balanced between work and my personal life. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Sohanna. In the past, I spent a considerable amount of money on self-help books, workshops, therapists, not to mention prescription drugs that only numbed my mind and spirit. I don't consider Sohanna's sessions a splurge, they are an investment in my personal growth. An investment that is already bringing me dividends galore!

Maria Chang - San Francisco, CA and The World
Professional Make-up Artist & Photographer

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