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Beloveds, I will be offering a "Courage Circle" weekend workshop in October and in depth intuitive counsel work during the season of Autumn. Call me if you are interested in either.I started telling people back in 20.06 that it wasn't a good time to be a wimp. We are in the times that I was in vivid (not sweet) dream and vision of.

I will be offering many different kinds of gatherings and teachings of "The Dreamers of the New Dawn" © to the max during the Autumn the direction of the West (with the totem of the Turtle to go within and heal) and Winter the direction of the North (with the totem of the Bear to for introspection and to dream the big dreams) seasons. Autumn and Winter may be the most empowering seasons for the dreams. They are the seasons that call in the dreams.

Spring is the direction of the East and the new beginnings.
Summer is the direction of the South and the surrender to the ways.

I have started the mutual interview process for "The Beauty Way ~ 9 + 5 = Integrity" (Munay-Ki) to host this 3 day expansion, introspection medicine way in Autumn.

I will offer "The Beauty Way ~ The Moon" in October. This will be 3 day self-awareness, introspection, awakening quest.

I will offer "The Beauty Way ~ Gratitude" in November. This will be a 2 day miracle maker.

I will offer .. "The Beauty Way ~ Burning Bowl" in December. This will be a 2 day release and receive intensive.

Please do not think that any of these gatherings are right for you. Please feel if you are called to any of these gatherings and then call me @ 805.760.8399. If you would like to call me and inquire as to why I say, don't think please feel I'll share my reasoning with you.

Sohanna .. .. ..

I will offer afternoon and full day circles, and teachings along with the above mentioned workshops.  Keep your eyes open. I'll post to the calendar here as they come along.

To name a few that you may be interested in .. .. ..

The Constant Artist - living in and as creation!


"Dreamers of the New Dawn" will be offered in concentration from Winter Solstice - Spring Equinox of 20.18. Winter is the season of introspection, the time for the rest and slumber, the time for "the big dreams".

"Present Life Progression" is currently being designed for a workshop platform that will be offered at Spring Equinox of 20.18.

Traditional USUI REIKI I & II will be offered in the spring time of 20.18. Level I "self healing" and Level II "world server". This will be open to new students, audits and 1 possibly 2 partial scholarship opportunity also.

I will be adding a full 20.18 line up very soon, with teachings, workshops and circles/ceremony too. Please check this page so that you may plan ahead and partake as you seek. Always feel free to call me and inquire.

Thank you.

5 + 9 = INTEGRITY - (Munay-Ki)

Autumn of 20.17 

I have been a Beauty Way carrier of the ancient, now and future ways of sacred medicine for over two decades. I have been a mentor and R.I.T.E. giver of the Munay-Ki since I am also a recipient and giver of The Nusta Blessing. 

I am first lineage and the only R.I.T.E giver of my mentor, an amazing woman (who ended her Earth Walk on the full moon of May) that was chosen by the Shaman of the Andes (Q'ero) to be one of the first non-tribal people to receive the R.I.T.E.s. My direct line essence to these R.I.T.E.s is strong. 

My way with the Munay-Ki (and all medicine ways) is not the show and (temporary) glow get spiritual quick stuff that is so common these days. This will also be explained during this gathering. This is about The Beauty Way, the healers journey for the integration of the divine sacred. 

Location will be given when you call me at 805.760.8399. If you have questions feel free to call Sohanna for answers. I do not give these R.I.T.E.s to in casual form, to just anybody. Mutual interview is required and this must be set up and completed well in advance of the protege coming into this sacred way.

Thank you!

THE WAYS OF THE NOVENA ~ The Promise of the Prayer

Non-denominational w/o doctrine - there isn't a religion or practice that owns a prayer or a way with a prayer.

the act of or actions of nine consecutive prayers.

Nine: is the last numeric count before a cycle begins again (before the control uprights tripped us all with the make up of a number ten). Nine or "tov" in Genesis represents good, beneficial.

Prior to seeking it is our hidden light, that has been in us as our forever burning primordial light within. During these gatherings I will also share the lineage of "fire ceremony" and how "fire ceremony" offers a very satisfying manifestation practice.

 "You are the light that you remember, when you remember that you are the light." John Trudell

Sohanna .. .. .. 805.760.8399