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"The Dreamers of The New Dawn" .. .. .. The New Day

"The dreamer sees the dawn before the rest of the world." Oscar Wilde

"Departure of The Winged Ship" Vladimir Kush

on the shore .. .. ..
my tribes .. .. ..
pride .. .. ..
waiting for me .. .. ..

Being GREAT SPIRITS dreams of me, the dreams made me come true .. .. ..

I saw it, the vision came in and admittedly it wasn't "sweet", it was "vivid". One of the few experiences that conjures jealousy in me is when I see that other people are offering dream teachings. I scrutinize them and what they are offering. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like jealousy, especially when it is generated by me. Jealousy isn't my NATURE. So I went deep into what was generating the jealousy. The generator of the jealousy was that I wasn't doing what I am called to do in this strange and wonderful life that I AM LIVING.

More will come for this page, for now call me. I'll be offering a full teaching of "The Dreamers of The New Dawn" in September here in Sedona. These teachings will be on the evening of the 21st - mid-day of the 24th.  The details of this will be posted here soon.

Sohanna .. .. ..

If I've handed you a used cork with glass half marble glued to it, the sentence to repeat is "I will have LUCID, SWEET, and VIVID dreams that I do recall". Carry the cork with you all day and keep it close at night. Each time you feel the cork in a pocket, see it close by repeat the sentence "I will have LUCID, SWEET, and VIVID dreams that I do recall". This little cork with this incantation becomes the magic for your dreams to come. There is much more to know about this lil' dream process of "I will have LUCID, SWEET, and VIVID dreams that I do recall", so if you want to know, call me.

Better yet call me and sign up for a workshop and even more will come to you.

Sohanna .. .. ..

While in a deep process in "the teachings of the ways" this image was captured by one of the amazing students at "LUCID UNIVERSITY" in April of 2016. A soul united gathering of 24 of us came together at the "CROSSROADS" of "LUCIDITY FESTIVAL" (Santa Barbara, CA) for a 3-day intensive of "LUCID DREAMING - LUCID LIVING". 

24 and more lives were changed in three short days. 

The world is a better place. 

I am so grateful. 

Sohanna .. .. .. 


Dreams have always been my freedom portals. As a child I often dreamed that wolves would call to me in the night and I would slip away with them and run above the clouds in the dark night sky. I have been a vivid, lucid dreamer all of my life. In June of 2009 I woke from a dream hearing that I was here to support the awakening of the dreamers of the new dawn, so that is what I do.

The Essence of my Rich Soul

I’ve help birth the sweetest of babies
I’ve sliced open the assassin’s throat
I’ve hung on the edge of crumbling buildings
I’ve seen the strangest things just float

I’ve raged inside as my tribe died
to circle in later to scalp more than a few
I’ve kissed a hundred men and women
I've needed moisture from the morning dew

I’ve witnessed senseless, brutal killings
I’ve seen entire villages set free
I’ve done all of this just watching
as my dreams come play with me

In the silence of my slumber
In the early morning light
I've seen the darkest entities wonder
why I never seem to fright

I’ve run high above in the Moon light
and then been pulled to the Earth’s soft core
I’ve been called by God to enter
I’ve been pressed at Satan’s door

I’ve never stalled my dreams with boundaries
for these trips I would pay a great toll
for in my dreams I am experiencing
the depth and essence of my rich soul

(C) Laurel Lyons – Oneironaut 

Inspired by the Lucid Dream Workshop
February 25, 2010

Dream Counsel -  There is so much power and empowerment in your dreams.  

Regardless of your current relationship with your dreams, your dreams are calling to you to a greater life.  Come activate a deeper understanding of yourself through your dreams and a greater way to go on from here.  Let your dreams be your guidance, let your Guides work through your dreams. Your reality will expand and grow as you dream the life you want, and then live it in your waking world. You've heard many people say that they are making their dreams come true. Wait until you see what life is like when your dreams begin to make you come true, if you let them. 

Dreamers of the New Dawn - The New Day 

"The dreamer sees that dawn before the rest of the world." Oscar Wilde.

Basic practices to enhance and support good sleep, the foundation for sweet dreaming. 
Preparing for the dream, encouraging the dreams to come. 
The great value of keeping a note/night book and a dream journal. 
Dream recall ~ We all dream, we just need the ways for remembering the dream.  
Intentional Dreaming, the making of the dream. 
Dream Medicine, healing in the dream.
Working with herbs and oils to enhance the dream; for sweet, vivid, lucidity dreams and recall.  
Lucid Dreaming ~ Being lucid when you are awake. 
Dream interpretation; creating your own dream vocabulary and dictionary.
Tracking the Dream for greater meaning, using the dream as a great teacher.
Working with dream guides, dream totems, you as the "doer or the viewer" and more. 

This vision quest for the dream supports the endless, creative potential of dream consciousness, tapping into the true essence of the dream, translating the dreams from the soul and the psyche, utilizing the mystic yet prophetic nature of dreams.